1. Provide high quality participant services

- Maintain the steady increase of life skills and personal development based programs for participants. This will include further ‘My Future’ programs operating within and outside the Moreton Bay Region. The implementation of the expansion of the Literacy and Numeracy programs to meet public demand. This next financial year will also see R.O.P.E expand the ‘Skills for Life’ programs into the Special Ed units in local and surrounding schools.

- The introduction of 3 Social Enterprises to offer work experience and employment opportunities for the participants who wish to pursue these avenues.

- To increase and maintain the opportunities of community access for participants to become socially and actively involved in their local surrounding communities. 

- Continue increasing our existing bank of resources for non-verbal participants in danger of exclusion from programs and their communities due to communication breakdowns

- Run stakeholder forums, including but not limited to:

¨ Parent forums

¨ Bi-monthly participant forums

¨ NIDS information workshops.

-ÞContinued implementation of electronic reporting options, utilising portals for participants’ annual reporting

2. Maximise our organisation profile

- R.O.P.E website updated on a regular basis

- R.O.P.E facebook page updated on a regular basis

- The ongoing implementation of community focused events  including but not limited to:

¨  R.O.P.E annual Art Exhibition

¨ Drama events

¨ R.O.P.E annual Camp

¨ and the development of an Annual Open Day

3. Nurture our staff and volunteers

- Monthly Team Meetings

- Upgrade of staff qualifications to a minimum of Certificate IV in Disability

- Continuation of Training Week, with the implementation of a staff training retreat

- Promotion of staff training and development opportunities both in-house and off-site

- Implementation of Professional Development component of employment

- Introduction of Volunteer Training day

  Strategic focus 2016—2017