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The Annual ROPE getaway provides individuals with the opportunity to engage in fun packed activities throughout their stay. The getaway focusses on empowering and fostering independence and social interaction with their peers in a community social setting. This is a 3-day and 2-night adventure on the incredible Bribie Island. The retreat has a series of self-contained cabins linked via a walkway to the main auditorium. Every camp is themed with themes ranging from Side Show Alley, Pirates of the Passage, Halloween, Carnival, and It’s magic!


All participants




3 days, 2 nights

what to expect

Topics Covered

Movie night

Karaoke & pub


Bribie Island
river cruise

Bribie Island

Inflatable obstacle courses

Bribie Island
aquatic park

Beach visits

Plus much,
much more

ROPE has been amazing in our daughter’s world. Our daughter was reserved and would be the one to watch everyone else having fun and not want to participate. Since she joined the team at ROPE she has beautifully come out of her shell and can’t wait to be with her ROPE family. We are only there Monday and Tuesday, but our daughter every other day says "I go to ROPE?". If you are looking for a community that wants to achieve your child’s NDIS Goals, then this is your team. Thank you ROPE for opening our gorgeous girl’s mind to the world of achievement.

Laura McIntosh

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