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Coffee with a Purpose 

It is with great excitement that R.O.P.E. announces the opening of Industry & Co, Coffee with a Purpose. 

This Social Enterprise will allow R.O.P.E. participants the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the following areas:

· Professional Work Ethic

· Customer Service

· Food Preparation  and Presentation

· WHS—Food Safety practices

· WHS—Asset Maintenance

· Team Work

· Confidence Building

Participants are working on a daily roster which enables them to have 1:1 support to perform day to day café duties.  An obvious increase in levels of confidence and ability is already becoming apparent.  The pride and enthusiasm shown by the participants working in the café is rewarding and a confirmation that this was the necessary next step in their progress of personal development and independence.  R.O.P.E. is confident that this venture will lead to a positive outcome of either open or supported employment opportunities.

Eighty percent of food items are produced by R.O.P.E. participants  at our Scarborough head office’s newly renovated industrial standard kitchen.  The items produced are savoury muffins, quiches, slices, croissants, and toasties, as well as sweet cakes, slices, muffins, and the most amazing Belgium waffles.  Along with this we also produce incredible coffee and coffee experience, offering  a choice of two blends, Aromas (Chicago Dark) and a feature blend provided by local roaster, Semi-pro.

One hundred percent of the profit from Industry & Co goes toward providing employment and training opportunities for R.O.P.E. participants.

Industry & Co,.. Coffee with a Purpose


Wes & Julieanne

295 Oxley Av, Margate

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