About ROPE

About Rope

At ROPE, we provide support services to people living with intellectual disabilities.

We empower personal development through provision of information, education and life skills training. Our in centre and community-based programs educate and encourage participants to develop life skills, including; computer skills, social and interpersonal skills, travel and independent living skills.

We provide a focused service where each persons unique skills, abilities, talents and interests are recognised and fostered in an atmosphere of family and friendship.  We are a non-profit organisation and we work to provide choices and opportunities to meet the clients and their family’s aspirations for the most fulfilling life possible.


ROPE also provides free support to those in the community who are in need through a recycling program. ROPE participants collect and recycle bottles and cans, and then discuss as a group who we would like to donate the funds raised to. Last year we donated to the Breakfast Club, this year we are doing Meals on Wheels deliveries and helping with Meals on Wheels’ recycling program to help them to raise funds for their organisation.

To learn more about our funding, spending and operations please view our annual report.

Our mission statement

To empower personal development through provision of information, education and life skills training.


Our values

and dignity

and Integrity

of Life

The Right
to Choice


Mutual respect
and trust

& Transparency


Our strategic focus

Provide high quality participant services

Maximise our organisation profile

Nurture our Team of Support Staff and Committee Members

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Financial Overview

Our funding is directed towards 3 key areas.

Based on audited figures, we receive 82% of our funding from government sources, while currently 0.4% is obtained from fundraising and the remaining income comes from the provision of services and sundry income.


Firstly, providing high quality participant services including personal development, literacy and numeracy, along with expanding our 1:1 support within the community (funding allocation – 88%).


Secondly, developing our staff skills through new qualifications and targeted training and increasing awareness of our organisation through improved communication and events (funding allocation – 5%)



Thirdly, general administrative and operating expenses (funding allocation – 7%)

NDIS registered

ROPE is an NDIS registered provider. All NDIS Registered Service Providers operate under the guidelines of the Quality Safeguards Commission. All of our participants at ROPE utilise their NDIS funding to access a variety of different programs as well as 1:1 support.

Do you require any further assistance with questions about the NDIS?
Visit the NDIS website.


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